Date, Gurugram: Cancer has become a profound medical issue throughout the world. Though the medical treatment facilities for cancer patients have been developed a lot, for proper treatment early detection of the disease and proper guidance of the oncologist is very much important. For Proper cancer treatment, it is very much important to choose the right oncologist.

Dr. Vineet Gupta, one of the best Medical Oncologist at Max hospital Bangalore, offering excellent cancer over 12 years to patients from different states of India and even different parts of the world. With his expertise in the field of Oncology and Haematology, Dr. Gupta is always ready to help patients with their cancer. Being a trusted consultant, Dr. Gupta mainly deals with brain, breast, lung, colon and prostate cancers. He also has the expertise to treat leukemia and other bone marrow disorders including acute & chronic blood disorders.

Dr. Vineet Gupta Best Medical Oncologist in India is widely recognized for his work in Breast Cancer and Hematological diseases including Lymphomas and Leukemias. Being the Chief hematologist at Max Hospital Bangalore, he provides leadership to align the clinical research expertise of oncology professionals at the institute. Dr. Gupata and his team ensure that the medical care given to the cancer patients is innovative, advanced, multidisciplinary and comprehensive.

For his extraordinary contribution to innovative cancer treatment with excellent outcomes,  Dr. Gupta has been awarded the Jean H. Lubrano Distinguished Scholar Award for 2009. This award is a recognition of the good-will helping others and continuing the fight against cancer.

At Max Institute of Cancer Care, Bangalore, the team of oncologists, surgeons, radiologists, and other medical professionals offer holistic integrated care; the patients are benefited by having a team of experts from various streams working together to conclude the best course of treatment. So the patients can be confident about getting the best care and treatment to have a better life ahead. The exclusive treatment facilities offered by the hospital allows patients to fight their illness with comfort and special care.

About India Cancer Surgery Site: This medical consultant group is involved and dedicated to deliver quality cancer treatment at the best hospitals in India to people from different parts of the world. They have an association with the top cancer hospitals in the world offers the finest healthcare facilities and best cancer treatment facilities to help the patients seeking medical care. All the cancer treatment packages of this organization offer specialty treatments from the best oncologist at a reasonable cost.

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