China; 3 July, 2014: Riding the bike or bicycle has always been exciting for the adventure lovers. People who want to have bikes and bicycles purchase them according to what they need in those. While some may want it for work others may want to have it for fun and adventure. The adventure lovers, in general, go either for road bikes or bicycles or for mountain bikes. There are certain basic differences between road bikes and bicycles and mountain bikes and bicycles. Bicycle and bikes for forests and mountains and bushes are different from those that are meant to be driven on the roads. The engineering is different in the two kinds. OEM Carbon offers a complete range of carbon frame bikes and bicycles of all kinds. They manufacture different types of carbon frame bikes that include road bikes and bicycles and mountain bikes. The collection includes different kinds of models that include old and vintage models as well as modern and contemporary designs.

OEM is offering Pinarello dogma on sale. These are road bikes that have been made keeping in mind the sharp turns and twists of roads and streets in the town and cities. The bikes and bicycles are renewed and remodeled every season. With the coming of season, the bikers and bicyclists, both professional and non-professional, go for new and contemporary models. The carbon frames offered by OEM Carbon for bikes and bicycles are quality products that are durable. These are stiff and strong and are made with shock absorbing technology.

The company has launched new frame sets for 2015 specialized bikes SL5. The framesets are tested to deliver good results. These framesets have been created based on the performance they deliver. The bike for riding on roads and streets are different from those that are meant to scale the hills and mountains and rough ridges. It is thus that OEM Carbon offers a complete set of frames that are available both for road bikes as well as mountain and hill riding bikes. The frame sets for the bikes have been engineered basing on performance targets such that they may deliver the desires results.

Specialized bikes are also available on OEM Carbon. The most important part about the manufacturer is that they offer the products at whole sale prices. The specialized bikes are different from the commonplace and ordinary bikes in that they are engineered keeping in mind certain special features which are absent in the regular bikes. The specialized bikes have certain advanced features as compared to the regular bikes and also have a number of added features.

About OEM Carbon:

OEM Carbon offers quality carbon frame bikes and bicycles. They manufacture all kinds of bikes and bicycles including road bikes, mountain bikes and bicycles, and specialized bikes. For details, visit the website.