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Scoliosis, the medical term for curvature of the spine, which is currently leaving it effects on millions of people, around 2 to 3% of the population, the most common kind is idiopathic scoliosis, and it most generally takes place a few of the ages of 10 and 18. The severity of scoliosis and the need for treatment is decided through the attitude at which the spine is out of regular alignment. These days, however, medical improvements and new strategies suggest scoliosis treatment is much less difficult and more success than ever.

Over a decade ago Dr. Arvind Kulkarni India started out on a journey to discover "a better way" to deal with scoliosis, a way that targeted on treating the circumstance itself, the care of sufferers with spinal disorders has endured to conform rapidly over the last decade.

Dr. Arvind Kulkarni scoliosis surgeon is a worldwide recognized leader in scoliosis and spinal deformity care who has won numerous awards recognizing his studies and contributions to the sphere. His approach to sufferers and their families is a holistic one in which the patient’s quality of life is at the vanguard of choice-making. He strives to have the best possible result for every patient with the highest level of safety. Dr. Arvind Kulkarni India offers more than enough reliable evidence based solutions to help patients overcome their conditions.

A patient of had a success story of Dr. Arvind Kulkarni scoliosis surgeon from Bangladesh Aarashi Bashara shares her personal experience, “I was 12 years old when my first signs of scoliosis began to show. When I turned 20, I subsequently went back to a doctor and my curve had improved to over a 120 tiers. Once my parents and I made the decision to move forward with the procedure, my parents made a search on google to find the best scoliosis surgeon in India and my search got me across success story of Dr. Arvind Kulkarni India over and over, we contacted him and had a talk with him he reassured me again and again that I was in a very capable health care professional’s hand and that he might be there for me through every part of my hospital stay and recuperation. I can’t thank Dr. Arvind Kulkarni scoliosis surgeon enough for everything he has done for me!

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