Orthopedics is a branch of medical science that deals with any kind of issues with the musculoskeletal system of the human body. The main focus points of medical science are any condition caused by bone or muscle degenerative conditions, trauma, and sports injury, fracture of a bone, tumor, and congenital issues. Department of Orthopaedics is completely equipped to handle any kind of bone damage, Pediatric orthopedic, spinal surgery, and sports injuries, arthroscopy and so on.

Recently, Delhi has become a health tourism destination for the rest of the world considering the immense benefits of best orthopedic surgeries in Delhi. A number of top orthopedic hospitals in Delhi are offering excellent treatment facility with a high success rate. The availability of high-tech and well-equipped orthopedic surgery hospitals is attracting the patients around the globe to come to Delhi for a successful surgery. Delhi has a number of highly experienced and skilled orthopedic surgeons with international medical degrees for proper investigation of patients’ musculoskeletal disorders and conducts right treatment procedures. Most importantly, the cost of orthopedic surgery in Delhi is much lower compared to any other developed countries.

The top orthopedic surgeons in Delhi have a proven track record of conducting various kinds of orthopedic surgeries, such as knee replacement surgery, meniscectomy, Shoulder arthroscopy, Knee arthroscopy, Repair of femoral neck fracture and trochanteric fracture, hip replacement, lumbar spinal fusion, slip-disc surgery, and many more. Renowned orthopedic surgeons, like Dr. Harshavardhan Hegde, Dr. Anil Raheja, Dr. Jayant Arora, Dr. IPS Oberoi, Dr. SKS Marya, Dr. Pradeep Sharma, and so on are attaches with top orthopedic hospitals in Delhi to provide latest surgical treatment to the patients around the world.

About Tour 2 India 4 Health Consultants: Tour 2 India 4 Health Consultants is a pioneer of offering different types of top-notch orthopedic surgery facilities in Delhi. They have a network of highly experienced and top orthopedic surgeons in Delhi as well as other parts of Delhi along with well-equipped hospitals to provide best in the class orthopedic surgical treatment. They are focused on providing the best surgical treatment facilities with warm hospitality services to patients around the globe. Each of their treatment packages is very much cost-effective for foreign patients as they offer much lower cost treatment packages compare to other developed countries. Thousands of patients have been benefited from different types of orthopedic surgeries in Delhi through Tour 2 India 4 Health Consultants over the last ten years. They have an impressive portfolio of success stories.

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