11 Oct 2019 - Chennai, Today, total hip replacement surgery in India has come to a long road. These days, a patient undergoing a hip replacement procedure is more young and energetic than in the past because enhancements in technology have made artificial joints more stable and sturdy. Hip replacement surgery in India is a common orthopedic procedure, not only preferred by patients in India but also by the ones from overseas as well. Hip replacement cost in India is just a fraction of what it costs in other western countries, including the US and UK. That is the predominant reason why India has emerged as a hub for orthopedic surgeries for medical travelers. On average, a medical tourist finally ends up spending 50 to 70 percentages less amount once they decide to travel to India for a procedure or for that count any other orthopedic surgery.

According to Dr. Vijay Bose Hip Replacement Surgeon Apollo Hospital Chennai “Hip replacement in India is a common technique conducted across all predominant hospitals for orthopedic surgical operation. Considering the sensitivity of the process, hip replacement surgery is only performed with the aid of a rather experienced and skilled surgeon. There are different types of hip replacement procedures, categorized according to the type of material used, the technique of fixation and the extent of joint replaced. The sugary also can be performed with the use of the conventional method or in minimally invasive technique. Within the first technique, the complete hip region is cut opened to reveal the damaged tissue and then replaced with an artificial joint. In a minimally invasive hip replacement, a quick incision is made and unique tools and devices are used to replace the damaged joint parts. The success of this procedure is very high, with more than 95% of patients experiencing comfort from hip pain, when an implant wears or loosen, a revision to a new hip replacement is possible.”

Deciding on an experienced surgeon will increase the likelihood of successful hip replacement surgery. Dr. Vijay C. Bose is the top hip surgeon in India who practices at the Apollo Specialty Hospital, India and also the chief surgeon of the joint reconstruction unit at JRGC, Chennai, he has special interests in hip reconstruction of the young patient and is renowned for his excellent skills, many patients visit this unit from across the globe to undergo their hip reconstruction surgery in India. He is also part of the Asia Pacific hip resurfacing group and hence travels frequently to the Asia Pacific countries to assist the local surgeons in Best price hip resurfacing surgery.

Dr. Vijay Bose can be contacted at www.jointreplacementsurgeryhospitalindia.com/top-hip-replacement-surgeon-dr-vijay-bose-india.html