Good News for SOHO, Try Airwheel Balancing Robot S9

04, April 2016: Nowadays, a large number of people tend to choose a free and flexible way of working, that is, SOHO (Small office and home office), whichrefers to the white-collar workers who work for their own interests without the restrictions of the place and time. However, this group of people usually sit in front of the computer for a long time with less exercises.


Therefore, they usually have such health problems as cervical spondylosis, obesity or long-term fatigue, etc. Also, a lack of social interaction for a long time will lead to social phobia for some people. Fortunately, a new vehicle, Airwheel balancing robot S9 helps to balance the work and life for SOHO and release their pressure and fatigue. Tom is a SOHO engaging in foreign trade business and has bought Airwheel S9 for exercises.

Airwheel owes its amazing functions to the endless efforts in research and development. As a self-balancing wheeled service robot, Airwheel S9 achieves man and machine interactive functions by built-in laser radar and auditory collection system. It can also avoid obstacles and plan the route automatically with comprehensive positioning system including GPRS, WIFI and network base station. What is more fascinating is that Airwheel S9 is designed with advanced plug-in and upgrading software to expand its application. Tom is attracted by these intelligent designs and cannot wait to have a try.


Besides, Riding with Airwheel two-wheeled robot S9 is very comfortable because it is equipped with 10-inch customized wheels designed in non-slip stripe with better road holding. This wonderful experience gives Tom a good reason to go outside and relax himself instead of staying at home all the time. After buying one, Tom goes outside every morning and evening. Sometimes, he goes to see the beautiful sunset near the lake. Sometimes he rides to the park to have exercises with his friends. His life becomes more balanced and interesting.

Intelligent and comfortable, Airwheel wheeled mobile robot S9 is suitable for SOHO to help balance the life.

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