The wait is over, and we are pleased to announce that “The Cannolis”, an up and coming animation project with a solid online fan base, and Ogilvy Entertainment, the entertainment marketing arm of Ogilvy & Mather, have entered into an agreement to take the project to the next level.

The Cannolis, the first ever cartoon conceived as a unique hybrid of Family Guy and The Sopranos, has all of the right elements to drive success and to trend well with highly sought after demographics. As a series of successful and funny web shorts, The Cannolis has built a loyal fan base and offers a rich world of diverse content and lucrative marketing opportunities.

Owner Richie Cento “ We are very excited to have Doug Scott and Ogilvy Entertainment, the worldwide leader in entertainment marketing bring The Cannolis to the level where we always knew we would get to with the right team in place”.

The animation industry is experiencing all time historic highs in revenue and popularity. When you combine this popular niche and combine it with the obvious consumer draw you can easily see why all parties involved are so enthused for the next step for the project.

The short content animated formula works as historically demonstrated by hit series that were incubated in this format:

The Simpsons originally appeared as 30 second bumpers on The Tracey Ullman Show, Beavis & Butthead made their debut as short vignettes to introduce music videos on MTV and Southpark was discovered when a short film was circulated on dubbed VHS tapes throughout the Hollywood community. This formula is still successful even in today's multi-platform online environment as shown by these web series:

• Happy Tree Friends probably the biggest animated success story in this category over 15 million hits per month and an international TV series success. One of the most downloaded iTunes podcasts and website direct online merchandising with everything from lip gloss to hoodies and DVDs.

• Tron: Uprising a new animated series from Disney XD will begin airing in Summer 2012but will premiere as a 10-part micro animated series in Fall 2011.

Tom Kozlowski, Executive Director: “We could tell right from the first release of our shorts that we hit a home run. Naturally we're excited to share this news with all of our fans.”

Watch for Tonio Tortellini, Dominick Cannoli and the rest of The Cannolis Family in a neighborhood near you!

For more information, please visit Or contact Tom Kozlowski at 856-424-7222