London based Startup Goodbuzz has just launched a new social marketing app that challenges advertisers, not to spend their advertising budget in any kind of traditional advertising, but to give directly their budget to their fans, followers and clients to do the marketing job for them.

“Imagine you have a $1000 budget to promote your website, your shop on etsy, or to launch new product. How will you spend this money?” asks Mawuna R. Koutonin, the founder of Goodbuzz.

Will you spend it to:

* Buy clicks on Google Adwords?
* Buy traffic from Stumbleupon? clicks from Reddit?
* Try Facebook Ads?
* Buy banner display on some blogs or affiliate networks?

Whatever your decision, now ask yourself, when you're looking for an event to go to, a product to buy, or a non-profit to support, do you pay attention to advertising or do you listen to what your friends recommend?

If your answer is, “I listen more to my friends and direct contacts”, then Goodbuzz is the place to leverage people power to promote your business and events.

How it works is that advertisers post their advertisement to the Goodbuzz website and deposit a tip (a sum of money) for people who like the advertisement and want to spread the message to friends and followers. At the end of the campaign, the tip is split between these sharers, relative to the leads they’ve generated.

Goodbuzz works because nowadays 75% of people discover new things because another person has shared them with them.

“As a result, Goodbuzz helps advertisers achieve amazing marketing results, and creates opportunity for a lot of people find Ways to earn money every month doing what they have always been doing, sharing what they like with friends and followers.”

Goodbuzz has just launched, and still has to see his big plan to change the advertising landmark to become a reality. There are only few Music Promotion now as the platform is exiting beta version, but GoodBuzz's execution is as good as its idea… The web app is well designed and has a ton of features.

More information about the company and its products can be found online at the company’s Web site: Goodbuzz.

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