Bern, Switzerland; May 02, 2013: GrinZone is a mobile application development group established in 2012 with the main goal of creating apps for Android’s operating system.

The four founders recently launched a new and exciting app that won enthusiastic reactions from users worldwide. — InCall Recorder – 2 in1 High Quality MP3 Calls & Voice recorder.

This free application offers an impressive and much needed service – call and voice recording.

In this day and age, recording a telephone call is a valuable if not necessary feature, and yet – most smartphones don’t offer it as a part of their operation system. GrinZone’s “InCall Recorder” app for android gives a simple and effective solution for this problem.

This app offers 2 main features; recording voice calls and voice recording.

The simple to use interface allows the user to relocate the “record” button to best fit any individual’s needs and makes the user experience more enjoyable for anyone.

Unlike most apps in this field, InCall Recorder offers manual activation. This means the user can choose whether to record a call or not according to its importance – this feature also saves battery power as an added bonus since the app is running quietly in the background and only activated when needed. On the other hand, when needed – one can preset the app to automatically record all calls without fear – InCall Recorder automatically compress audio files so that a full hour of voice or call recording is compressed to only a 7mb size file: Unlike its competitors, there is no limit for time recording when using InCall Recorder app, as long as there is a free space in the smartphone’s memory – one will always be able to record:

Saving the recordings on a PC has never been easier: InCall Recorder converts the recorded files to high quality mp3 recording files so there is no need to download them to a computer and convert them separately.

This application is compatible to most android smartphones, a visit to the android store will tell any android user if the smartphone they use is compatible to this app or not.

While visiting the page – one look at the app’s ranking and user reviews should clear up any doubts regarding this app’s unique advantages. The user reviews are excellent and the developers have their hand on the pulse. Every review is tended to and every user complaint and request is taken under consideration. These great reviews led to a higher-than-average ranking for this app in android’s app store.

Here are some of the improvements GrinZone are releasing within the next few weeks:

- Application Password – Protects audio files from exposure
- Option to delete or save the last recording
- Select the file save location and folder name (external or internal SD card)
- Sync to Dropbox! Options: single file, multiple files, or sync every recording at the end of it automatically. Files will be saved in folders sorted by contact / phone number and inside by date.
- Automatically recording selection to specific contacts or phone numbers.

There is no reason to wait. Download the FREE InCall Recorder and join over 100,000 users who enjoy this android application.

Watch InCall Recorder professional guiding movie to learn more about this app:

For more information visit the developers “Google Play” page:

You can also contact the App’s developers directly via mail: [email protected] Or through their website –