07, November 2014: Online Platform ‘Grip Strength Trainer’ is helping thousands of people in improving hand strength and grip for getting better results in a number of different sports. The site was started by Alex Garrison, and it provides useful information and methods to help readers enhance their performance in sport activities and fitness through Theraputty Exercises. The site has emerged as a huge hit, especially among the sports enthusiasts. Quality information, easy to use techniques, and various types of exercises are seen as the major reason behind the website’s success.

The site provides information on theraputty exercises, grip exercise, forearm exercise, dynamometry, grip training, wrist exercises, hand grippers, and much more. Some of the exercises covered under theraputty workouts include: full grip, thumb press, finger dig, finger extension, finger spread, finger scissor and wrist rotation, among others. The site also offers safety guidelines related to the exercises and tips for choosing the right exercise according to one’s needs. Click here to learn more about how to improve hand strength and grip.

Speaking to the media, Alex said, “It is really an honorable thing for us that our website is helping many people in improving hand strength and grip. We are really happy to notice the progress of our website. We have provided all the useful information of several exercises along with the methods to use daily that will assist people in improving their hand strength and grip. We understand the need of strong wrists and grip for athletes, and that is why we have provided the information related to some of the best techniques, like great theraputty exercises, which are known to be effective when it comes to getting the desired results.” He further added, “We are highly thankful to our clients for their great responses towards our service. We will definitely introduce some more useful information and methods in the near future.”

The company is also allowing users to join an e-course for free. Those interested just need to join the GST newsletter. The site also has an online store that provides useful devices for improving hand strength and grip.

About ‘Grip Strength Trainer’:

Website: http://gripstrengthtrainer.com/theraputty-exercises

‘Grip Strength Trainer’ is an online platform that is providing useful information and methods for improving hand strength and grip. The site also has an online store that is offering useful devices for the same.