In this world of perfection, people are primarily concerned about their physical appearance, beauty plays a significant role in building one’s persona. A surgical specialty that enables us a chance to attain the personality that we desire is popularly known as cosmetic surgery. It includes restoration, reconstruction, or alteration of the human body. Being a pioneer in cosmetic surgery, India is one of the leading providers of cosmetic surgery at affordable costs. Patients could consider India as one of the good options. In the age of constant social media sharing and selfies, a lot of teens are going under cosmetic surgery to change their appearance. The range at which cosmetic surgeries are being performed is 13 to 19. According to the statistics teenagers account for around 4% of all the cosmetic procedures.

Best Cosmetic Surgery in India most common procedure includes nose reshaping, male breast reduction, and ear surgery. Apart from the surgical option certain non-surgical treatment popular among adolescents are laser hair removal, skin resurfacing and Botox injections. Though some specialists exclaimed that rhinoplasty or ear surgery can be performed safely by a board-certified surgeon but certain surgeries like breast augmentation, injectable and liposuction are strictly a no to the minors.

Teenagers choose cosmetic surgery because of many reasons and one of the most common reason is feeling left out to fixing a feature that has made them susceptible to bullying. Specialists emphasize that the teenagers should go through a proper channel of preoperative evaluation in order to select the appropriate candidate for the surgery. Stringent guidelines for adolescents going under cosmetic surgery in India are based on different factors but the most important out is the age of the candidate for the surgery. The doctors may reinforce the important steps that should be taken while assessing an underage patient such as obtaining parental consent, determining the physical and emotional maturity of the patient and discussing their desires, goals, risks, expected postoperative course, limitations and complications of the procedure.

India is one of the places where cosmetic surgery is available at affordable rates. Since the last few years, a lot of changes have been adopted by the cosmetic surgery department in India, making it one of the finest go to places for cosmetic surgery. Though every surgery has risks, the risk rates can be reduced by extensive care and good facilities provided by the hospitals. Mumbai almost makes it to the top in the list of highly qualified doctors and good hospitals.

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