Hardcore Rap Artist Page1 Gives Listeners An Honest Perspective

Detroit, Michigan, 20, April 2016: A prominent name in the music recording industry of Detroit since 1998, detroit rapper Page1 has been entrenched in the city's underground hip hop scene for nearly two decades. A native of Detroit, he has crafted a way to create divergent rap, or as he calls it "real life stories with a Midwest sound". In 2007, he released his first full-length album titled True Hood Stories, a collection of 17 tracks based on growing up in Detroit.

Fast forward to 2016, Page1 has refined his music and upped his recording game, and is releasing his new single, "Light It Up". Produced by his record label Hittin Lick Records, "Light It Up" is innovative and carefully engineered, and represents his evolution as a rapper and recording artist. Further setting him apart from what he calls a "dying breed" of street rappers, Page1 believes that this new single will help him to distance himself further away from mainstream rap, and give listeners true insight into what it means to be a rapper in The D.

Recorded using Pro Tools and working with long-time producer Killa Smuv, Page1 hopes that this new track will earn him a spot on a movie or show soundtrack. In addition, he is taking his fresh brand of street rap to the college scene, hoping that it will net him publicity and some groundbreaking performances. "Light It Up" will be available on April 20th on all digital music platforms. To connect with Page1, check out his Twitter page at http://www.twitter.com/therealpage1 , and keep an eye out for his first music video, which is currently being created.

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