Vista Motorcycle in Vista CA is proud to announce they are now an authorized Harley Davidson extended warranty service center. 

With decades of experience in servicing all models and years of Harley Davison motorcycles, Vista Motorcycle is now able to do Harley extended warranty repair work on all Harley extended warranty related issues. 

Common Extended Warranty Repairs include, but are not limited to: 

* Transmission, main shaft bearings and seals – Touring bikes seem to be affected the most.
* Electrical Issues – Radio, cruise control, ignition
* Fuel Systems
* Tires
* Stators
* Small Oil Leaks – Primary, cam cover, stage 1 air cleaner kit, pump oil 
* Starter, Compensator on front of primary
* 110’s seizing valves in heads
* Early twin cams: Cam chain tensioner shoes excessive wear. 
* Throttle by wire issues with aftermarket bars

In addition to all the Harley service and maintenance that Vista Motorcycle customers have come to love, now customers’ Harley extended warranty can be honored as well. 

The Harley Davidson mechanics at Vista Motorcycle hope this new additional level of service simplifies the warranty redemption procedure for its Harley riding customers. And also that it becomes more convenient for them as they can get their warranty work and maintenance done all at the same time in the same location. 

For further information please call the Vista Motorcycle Harley Warranty Mechanics at 760-724-9258 or visit 

Watch a video about the Harley Davidson specialist mechanics at Vista Motorcycle: