NGK Media located in Gloucestershire, UK is happy to announce that the first book released by them has become the best seller book on Amazon ,UK& USA. It is a children’s picture book called“Harry The Happy Mouse” and is useful in explaining acts of kindness to small children. It has been added in the reading list in many schools in UK as well as USA. The book is illustrated by the award winning Janelle Dimmett, bringing the story to life. With 32 beautifully illustrated pages, the book is about a mouse called Harry and various characters that selflessly help each other to learn that little bit of happiness can go a long way!

One of the customers said, “The author obviously is well schooled in children's literature, as the rhyming and alliteration is age appropriate. It creates interest in the story as well as exercising the cognitive learning functions of the younger child. The vocabulary is appropriate as well. Good luck to this author and illustrator who published an adorable book for all!!

The author, N.G.K. (the author’s initials),  says” I really can't believe the success of the book, I'm so glad that so many people have enjoyed it ”

The book has received about 100+ reviews with positive rating of 4.8/5 on Amazon. Researchers believe that the book has the capability to make children act with more kindness, and is a must read for every parent who has young children. It's been called "a future classic". As an act of kindness for the loving customers, the book has been made available forfree! The e-book, audio book and lot of coloring activities for children are available on the website.To know more and to buy the book please visit


N.G.K. released his first book “Harry The Happy Mouse “ in April 2015, and it’s popularity has just soared. It has received only five star revews from book critics.

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