“Heart surgery Nanavati hospital is an engine of original prevention ideas," says professor of cardiology and director of heart surgery Nanavati hospital. "With our best crew of clinicians and scientists, we're within the best place to guide the charge in fighting cardiovascular sickness."

Heart surgery Nanavati hospital is devoted to ending the danger of cardiovascular disorder domestically and globally. Our top cardiologists provide complete diagnostic assessment and competitive treatment the usage of the latest technology. Our health practitioner scientists are pioneers in research designed to treat coronary heart ailment and save you its prevalence.

Heart surgery Nanavati hospital feature the most recent and most superior diagnostic system available, and our medical doctors are experts at performing and decoding imaging tests. We’ve developed a way to mix magnetic resonance imaging and positron-electron tomography in one room. The use of the technologies together allows us to stumble on disease soon when it's easier to deal with. "This method is supporting us to track and pinpoint plaque formation, and that ends in in advance detection, earlier diagnosis, and better treatments," says professor of cardiology and director of heart surgery at Nanavati hospital.

The doctor-patient relationship is prime to preventing, diagnosing, and treating heart disease. At heart surgery at Nanavati hospital, physicians carefully weigh every choice, deliberating your physical, emotional, cultural, and social needs. Doctors deal with you as a person, not only a heart disease case. They find out about your options and assist you to make heart-healthy choices.

Cardiologists at heart surgery Nanavati hospital work collaboratively and that they have an in-depth roster of skilled cardiologists with huge types of specialties.  As a full-service heart center, they've everything under one roof: a world-renowned imaging center, subspecialists who awareness on precise situations, help services for households, and patient after-care.

At heart surgery Nanavati hospital, they trust in preventing heart disease every time possible. By individualizing care at three distinct age ranges, they can offer the most effective training and treatment for that stage, bearing in mind individual needs and instances.

  • Ages to 0 to 25, before you experience much, if any cardiovascular ailment. Among ages 3 to 5, they could emphasize developing heart-healthy behaviors, along with eating regimens, exercising, and emotional habits to avoid addiction.
  • Ages 25 to 50, while they are most apt to come across early signs and symptoms of coronary heart disease. During this period, ideally earlier than age 40, we can administer non-invasive diagnostic exams to locate ability future issues and deal with them early.
  • Ages 50+, while the cardiovascular disease has often all started. At this factor, they can consider not only the specific problem that is imparting but looks more widely at the cardiovascular system in assessing appropriate treatment and prevention, including with the neurovascular region.

This approach should result in more outpatient care and shorter hospital stays. It calls for those cardiologists and other health care specialists to know more about ambulatory and home-based care.

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