Best Cardiologist Fortis Hospital Delhi is the first in India to use a novel organ monitoring system that preserves hearts donated for transplant for up to three times longer than current methods. The “heart in a box” technology being tested in a clinical trial gave a heart transplant surgeon in Fortis Hospital Delhi access to an out-of-state donor heart, which was recently transplanted into a 63-year-old patient hospitalized on mechanical heart support.

“This novel technology has the ability to substantially increase our heart transplant donor pool due to the fact we will pass farther away to get hearts which might be the best suit for our patients,” said the best cardiologist Fortis Hospital Delhi. “The present-day technique of transporting hearts is to place them on ice and normally you've got just 4 hours to take away and transplant them.” organ care device is transportable heat perfusion and monitoring device that continues donor hearts at a human-like, metabolically active state.

Heart transplant surgeon in Fortis Hospital Delhi participating in the clinical trial assessing the effectiveness of the monitoring system, It’s been successfully used on hearts that were donated after circulatory demise (when the coronary heart and stream prevent) and “revived” within the tracking system. Heart transplants typically come from sufferers who're declared brain dead but whose heart keeps beating.

“This novel system has numerous advantages,” said the best cardiologist Fortis Hospital Delhi. “it permits more time for elimination and transplantation of hearts in addition to evaluation from the surgical team on whether or not hearts from prolonged standards donors are viable enough for successful transplantation. Gaining access to circulatory death hearts can also considerably increase the donor pool and number of transplants inside the country.”

In addition to heart transplant procedures, a heart transplant surgeon in Fortis Hospital Delhi offers advanced cardiac care such as Ventricular Assist Devices (VAD) that enable patients who are suffering from heart failure but are not able to acquire a heart transplant, to retain their everyday lives and activities.

 “This is the next step in our relentless effort to provide the best care for the most complex healthcare needs in the country,” said a heart transplant surgeon in Fortis Hospital Delhi.

“Participating in medical trials like this permits us to offer the most current and promising era to our patients, which ties in with our goal of presenting the best care feasible for our patients,” the best cardiologist at Fortis Hospital Delhi said. “This form of technology opens the door for us to perform more coronary heart operations.”

A heart transplant surgeon in Fortis Hospital Delhi has performed 592 heart transplants to date. Last year he performed 3,658 heart transplants, an increase of 3% from 2019, according to the Network for Organ Sharing.

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