16-07-2019, New Delhi: Cardiac transplant or Heart transplant is a life-saving surgical procedure that can add years to the patient’s life. Doctors consider cardiac surgery as a solution to save a person with end-stage heart failure or severe coronary artery disease. A successful heart transplant surgery helps to improve the patient’s quality of life by reducing medication dependency.

The heart is one of the most important internal organs of the human body that pumps blood through the vessels to provide the oxygen and nutrients supply throughout the body and help to remove metabolic wastes. This muscular organ is located just behind and slightly left of the breastbone, and between the lungs. When a person suffering from severe coronary heart disease which cannot be treated by any other medical or surgical procedures, they need to go through a heart transplant surgery as a solution to that life-threating condition.  Sometimes people are diagnosed with end-stage heart failure, then also the Heart transplant becomes the final mode treatment. To conduct a heart transplant surgery, a healthy donor’s heart is required and then the surgeons conduct an evaluation of donor’s heart and approve it to fit for transplantation in the recipient’s body.

Recently, India has become a global health tourism destination for affordable heart transplant surgeries. India has quite a large number of excellent hospitals equipped with best in class facilities, infrastructure, and the latest technologies to provide excellent services to their patient. Many cardiological hospitals are offering affordable heart transplant surgery in India. Considering the high heart transplant success rate in India, a number of people come here for the surgery.

Here patients of all age groups can be treated with equal efficiency.

About India Organ Transplant Hospitals: India Organ Transplant Hospitals is a pioneer name in the field of heart-related treatment and surgery for both children and adults. They have a network of efficient and experienced cardiac surgeons, cardiologists, health experts, and cutting-edge hospital facilities to provide best in class cardiac treatment in India. All of the hospitals under this organization are well-equipped with the advanced examination and surgical instruments that can help in accurate diagnosis and comprehensive care of the patients.  India Organ Transplant Hospitals is focused on providing high-quality treatment to their foreign patients with maximum comfort and satisfaction when they come for Heart Transplant Surgery in India. The cost of Heart Transplant Surgery in India is lower than in other western countries with India Cardiac Surgery Site.

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