Date:- February 1, 2020, Location:- New Delhi A cardiac transplant or a heart transplant is a surgical transplant of a donor’s healthy heart to a receptor having a diseased, failing heart. A heart transplant is generally conducted for the patients whose condition has not improved enough with medications, other treatment procedures, and surgeries to lead a healthy life. Though a heart transplant is a major surgical procedure, after surgery, the chance of survival is also good with appropriate follow-up care.

There are many reasons which can lead a patient with a weak heart to a terminal condition and a heart transplant becomes the only solution to that. Some of the common reasons for the requirement of heart transplantation are congenital heart disease, massive heart attack, severe coronary artery disease, Dilated Cardiomyopathy, and so on.

The first and foremost benefit of cardiac transplant surgery is that it can save the life of the patient suffering from terminal heart disease or failing heart. A successful heart transplant can add years to the patient’s life. This transplantation can also reduce the medicine dependency for the patients suffering from severe heart disease. The surgery gives the recipient an opportunity to experience a good quality of life and allows them to be more active post-surgery.

A number of top heart transplant surgery hospitals in India offer exclusive heart transplant surgery packages at a very reasonable price which is typically a fraction of the cost for the same procedure and care in other developed countries. The top cardiac surgeons of India are well trained in every subspecialty of cardiology and offer the best possible treatment facility and heart transplantation surgery to the patients around the world. With the top cardiac surgeons, Indian hospitals offer a high success rate in cases of heart transplant surgeries in India. These facilities have made this country one of the desired destinations for patients around the world.

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