Los Angeles, California - High Class Group is now offering premium quality Pet Food Mat especially designed for pet’s comfort. The perfect 24x16 inch size fits almost all elevated cat or dog feeders and pets food bowls that are currently available in the market. It can come especially handy for women who have to take care of their office job in addition to the household duties.

The Large Pet Food Mat, personalized for dogs and cats, is specially tailored for feeding stations, raised bowls, pet tray, food and water dishes, automatic-gravity feeders, water fountain, eating rubber placemat, cages for small pets, litter rug, spill and dirt catching, slow feed bowls, and more.

Made up of 100% premium FDA grade silicone, the product ensures extra safety care for pets and can also be used as animal seat covers during puppy training. The easily rollable mats can be rinsed under the tap and wiped with a wet towel which adds to the durability of the product.

One of their customers, Barb F. from Iowa writes, “This mat easily accommodates the large water dish from which my dogs and cats drink, and the raised edge contains the water they inevitably slop, protecting my wood floors. It's non-slip and an attractive clay brown color. I'm very satisfied.”

A 100% waterproof seal guarantees outstanding protection from water and moisture to ensure that floors are protected from food and water spills that may cause damage. High Class Groups attributes intensive market research, creative design & engineering and the top quality materials as a major reason in the development of this products and have future plans to come up with similar deluxe products in the future that can address the needs of customers who think of their pets as family, especially women.

About High Class Group

High Class Group was created to design, manufacture and market innovative, functional and high-class quality pet products. In subsequent years, High Class Group plans to expand the portfolio, introduce incremental improvements to existing products, based on customer feedback, and introduce complementary products and additional services.

Contact Person: Nicolae Alexander
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.highclassgroup.com/

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