21, November 2014: Top Caribbean accommodation specialists Essential Hotel Collection are currently highlighting some of the main events visitors can look forward to if they are planning a holiday to the region in the first few months of 2015.

One of the first big events of the year experts from the Essential Hotel Collection are encouraging tourists to see is the Accompong Maroon Festival. Taking place on January 6th, in Accompong Town, it commemorates the First Maroon War, which took place between the Maroons and the British in the early 18th century. It is slated to be a spectacular event filled with music, dancing, singing and cooking

The following month, in February, one of the major events will be the Rainforest Seafood and Music Festival, taking place on February 15th at the Catherine Hall Entertainment Centre, located in Montego Bay. It is only the second time the festival has been held, and visitors will be able to enjoy a day of fun, including the opportunity to sample a huge range of delicious seafood dishes.

The next event Essential Hotel Collection specialists recommend is the Blue Mountain Music Festival. Taking place on February 21st in Holywell, it is one of the biggest and, many say, best music festivals in Jamaica. Held over two days, visitors can experience not only reggae music but also cuisine, crafts, art and more. It is a popular event with both locals and visitors and is the perfect introduction to discover the beauty of the renowned Blue Mountains.

Other upcoming events include the Jamaica Fat Tyre Festival, a mountain biking event, which starts on February 16th, and the Kingston City Run on March 15th.

These are just a few fantastic events on the calendar in Jamaica for the first months of 2015. Anyone planning to visit the country should consider planning their dates to coincide with one of these events to make the trip even more memorable.

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