03, March 2015: 'Hood HorkerZ’ has brought a new fashion influence in the country with its new creative sweater. The CEO of the company, Sean Oliver is the inventor and owns the patent for the idea which makes this sweater the only real one of this kind.

Hood HorkerZ and the thought behind the creation have already received a lot of encouraging feedback from people in all through the US, especially in the Colorado and California region. If experts of the fields are to be believed, the concept of Hood HorkerZ is about to explode both in music and the entertainment industry in near future. Several big music artists have already been seen wearing Hood HorkerZ brand apparels.

According to the sources, there was a feud between Sean Oliver, the original inventor and Vaprwear on who invented it first. However, now it is confirmed that Sean is the man behind the idea of pipe hoodies, and invented it back in the year 2011 in Vermont.

Speaking to the media, Sean Oliver said, “Hood HorkerZ is a lifestyle. It is the way my friends and I have always lived our lives. Party hard, work hard, and just enjoy every single moment. The word HorkerZ stems from what me and my friends have always called smoking. We say ‘come on homie Hork that bowl’ and stuff like that. Since the Pipe Drawstring goes through the Hood of the sweatshirt, I came up with Hood HorkerZ, which basically means Hood Smokers. But now it has evolved into so much more within a short span of time and is growing everyday.”

People are drawn to Hood HorkerZ because it is the first and only clothing company, which allows a smoker to smoke out of his clothes. Hood HorkerZ is perfect for someone who enjoys smoking.

About Hood HorkerZ:

Website: http://www.hoodhorkerz.com/

Hood HorkerZ is a new brand providing Hood Horker sweaters that lets the wearer smoke out of the drawstrings. The company is owned by Sean Oliver, who has brought the new concept into the world.