Hostelling International Network — Membership Offers Global Rewards

15, June 2015: Hostelling International, the only global network of Youth Hostels, is advising independent travellers that with membership comes rewards. The non-profit organisation offers a range of special deals to their members at a local, national and global level.

The Rewards of Membership

A spokesperson for Hostelling International says the offers include thousands of deals on travel, entertainment, culture, museums and even retail outlets. Hostelling International’s website details information for deals offered in countries all over the world that travellers can peruse before they leave, but also encourages them to check at individual hostels for local deals. Examples of offers include discounts on cycling tours in Barcelona; river cruises in Austria; Greyhound bus tickets and international cell phones in Canada; and river rafting in South Africa.

Education First

As well as the opportunities to receive discounts on many iconic attractions and cultural sites, the HI membership also entitles valid national or international cardholders to a 5% reduction (up to the value of USD300) on the cost of language courses with the prestigious Education First (EF), the world leaders in international language courses.


Travelex Worldwide money also offer HI members a discount on currency purchases at any of their more than 700 outlets around the world. (The exact amount of the discount varies, but is equivalent to what’s offered to Travelex Global Rewards members.)


For those who intend working abroad and who qualify for a tax refund, HI has teamed up with online specialists to help make the process fast and hassle free.

The spokesperson from Hostelling International said that, for those independent travellers planning to take advantage of the excellent hostel accommodation in the HI network, becoming a member is easy. Travellers can purchase a 12-month e-Membership online or, alternatively, join at any of the HI Youth Hostel Association offices or hostels. As well as providing a 10% discount on accommodation costs at many hostels, the membership card can be used for a host of other deals.

Members are advised that they must card their card with them to receive discounts.

About Hostelling International:

Hostelling International (HI) is the only global network of Youth Hostel Associations. Located in some of the world’s most inspiring locations, the HI network offers 4,000 unique hostels in 91 countries worldwide. HI is a non-profit membership organisation, with a proud history and a relevant philosophy. All hostels meet assured standards, guaranteeing a range of good quality safe accommodation, in friendly surroundings at affordable prices. Find out more at the website:

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