Houston Solar Company Simplify Solar Partners with Solar Monitoring Company eGauge

Houston, TX; 02, June 2015: Houston-based residential company Simplify Solar has now signed a formal agreement with solar energy monitoring company eGauge. eGauge will be the exclusive provider of solar monitoring devices for every solar project of Simplify Solar. eGauge will provide a hardware package which includes a meter, data logger, web server and necessary transformers to monitor and measure electricity production from the solar panels.

The physical hardware’s data is linked live to a cloud-based software data collector provided by eGauge. This data is then funneled into the Simplify Solar’s website accessible by phone, tablet, or computer allowing the user to directly observe the data through a simple online platform. Simplify Solar customers can see both energy usage and energy generation data. Since energy is tied to utility prices, customers can also see the amount of money they are saving thanks to solar. All data would be saved on the eGauge cloud accessible by the Simplify Solar platform allowing homeowners to easily assess how much money they have saved over time.

eGauge Systems LLC provides technologically advanced energy monitoring systems at an affordable price. Their aim is to enable homeowners to reduce their energy usage and costs by providing highly accurate data and real-time visualization tools.

About Simplify Solar:

Simplify Solar is an end-to-end residential solar energy service provider which gives customers a comprehensive, transparent, and streamlined process to install solar panels for their homes as well as to track their energy production post-installation. By combining an automated software portal, a network of qualified solar installers, and an affordable hardware package, Simplify Solar is able to reduce the cost of solar installation by an average of 30%. Find out how at simplifysolar.com/start.

For more information, please contact Shen Ge at +1(832)808-2371 or by email at shen@simplifysolar.com.

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