How Often Does Dust Build Up on Rugs?

02, June 2015: With more than 90 per cent of household dust comes from people and fabric – tiny flakes of skin, barely visible fibers that float on the slightest air currents and settle on every surface in your house — the question is: How often do you do de-dust your house, such as cleaning your rugs? According to [insert your name, title] of Premier Carpet & Rug Cleaning Service, that’s an important question that needs to be addressed by all homeowners.

“In areas that are sheltered from air movement, dust particles stay in place. Not so in others, where air flow is frequent, where fans, air-condition units, or doors constantly swing open and people pass by, dust particles rise constantly and settle,” said Premier Carpet & Rug Cleaning Service, the rug cleaning Chicago expert.

“If fighting dust a battle for you, be reminded that you can never completely win. However, you can work to eliminate dusts to avoid triggering dust allergy reactions,” said the Premier Carpet & Rug Cleaning Service spokesperson, who services the Chicago, Northbrook and Glenview areas.

It is no secret to homeowners that one of the constant banes of their existence is dust. 'But does anyone know where the dust particles come from? Or rather, the more important question, how long can one ignore them before they become too much for one’s rugs and carpets?” asked the rug cleaning Northbrook specialist.

According to the rug cleaning Glenview spokesperson, “this daily nuisance is a constant, but it can come in variable speeds until it becomes unbearable, or even dangerous for your carpets and rugs.”

The fact is that dust, composed of a wide range of infinitesimal particles, will accumulate on every surface in the house on a daily basis. Dust, which may be anything from mineral deposits like small bits of dirt or soil to organic material such as the particles of decaying insect corpses or old human skin cells, can also come from people and pets who will track additional particles in as they enter and leave a room.

“However, since physical activity causes the flight and ultimate resting place of these particles, it is also to blame for how quickly the buildup occurs. For a single person, this may take a long time, as they have singular movements and consistent habits and behaviors. However, for a much larger family, with a pet or two, the speed of the buildup increases. A family of five, with two dogs and a cat, will generate dust much more frequently than a single person or a pair of roommates will,” explained [the source, which specializes in Oriental rug cleaning Chicago, Northbrook and Glenview.

Dust is very much a part of people’s lives, but is there ever too much or too little dust? And how much dust is too much dust before you say uncle? Questions people are always asking, but according Premier Carpet & Rug Cleaning Service spokesperson, for anyone with allergies, any large amount of dust may be too much for their sensitive noses or eyes.

“The amount generated over three week period, for example would be more than enough to cause much distress for persons suffering from allergies,” said the spokesperson. “However, for everyone else, dust buildup, particularly in carpets, is not too pressing of an issue when compared to the demands of daily life.”

However, this is not an issue that should be ignored in the long term, particularly if persons have children or pets. According to the Premier Carpet & Rug Cleaning Service professional, their advice is for persons to seek out the professionals who deal in rug cleaning Chicago to help them evaluate the state of their carpets and who can help them implement a course of action.

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