As we begin 2021, it’s interesting to consider what the industry can look forward to in the arena of spine technology?

Dr. Arvind Jaiswal head of the department of spine surgery at Primus Hospital, Delhi is uniquely qualified to position these improvements to work for global sufferers.

“In no way before than in history has innovation provided the promise of a lot of in so short a time. Within the past few decades, there had been huge upgrades in spine instrumentation, biologics, and intraoperative neuronavigation which has significantly improved patient outcomes and in addition advanced technology within the field. This exponential burst of technological innovation in spine surgery does not display any signs of slowing down.”

“New technology like endoscopic strategies and the refining of minimally invasive techniques, creating the least quantity of tissue disruption, is the leading edge of spine surgical procedure. I’m hoping to enhance the field and provide care to patients with new minimally invasive and endoscopic techniques. I do additionally provide service for people with complex spinal issues consisting of adult deformity, scoliosis, and sufferers who want revision spine surgery.”

Advanced technology to support complicated spine surgery is a large part of his practice, Dr. Arvind Jaiswal says, both in the operating room and in the examination room when speaking with sufferers. “I’m able to use 3-dimensional navigation to sign up the spine in space after which location screws with pinpoint accuracy wherein they need to be located within the spine.” While talking with patients before surgical procedures, Dr. Arvind Jaiswal is beginning to use a virtual fact simulation as a surgical practice session platform.

“We have virtual reality simulation wherein we can take their scans and create a three-dimensional model,” Dr. Arvind Jaiswal says.  “We will then preview the surgical treatment with them within the workplace. We are only rolling that out for spine surgical operations. I am very excited. the use of biologics is another important trend in complicated spine surgery. “There are a lot of studies into getting things to heal more drastically at different levels in which we perform fusion,” he says. “Presently, the great biologic we are able to use is the patient’s own bone products from surgical procedure. So as to continually is the gold standard. But I’m the use of new technology with my interbody fusions using three-dimensional revealed cages. these are designed right down to the micron to permit bony in-growth into the disc space, through the cage.”

Dr. Arvind Jaiswal says “My first thought is echoed by many other doctors in the spine care industry. What we’re managing on the ground is a way to maintain to provide exceptional patient care within the face of declining reimbursements. The enhancements we’re seeing in the minimally invasive operative theater, which include endoscopic spine procedures, may additionally ease this issue as these improvements usually result in fats recoveries, much less postoperative pain, and shorter hospitalizations. For private practice outside of conventional hospital networks, physicians who can most nimbly navigate the ever-changing reimbursement landscape can be the ones who continue to exist. The past 3 decades of image-guided spine surgery have witnessed the improvement of multiple modalities for intraoperative imaging and navigation. Dr. Arvind Jaiswal is an accomplished spine surgeon with about 20 years of medical practice. He sees patients and operates Primus Hospital, Delhi.

“With all my patients, I spend an in-depth amount of time discussing what to expect before and after surgical operation,” Dr. Arvind Jaiswal says. “I am going over all the pros and cons of surgical operation to make sure we’re all at the equal page. The most vital part of my practice is listening and having a true conversation about all alternatives for patients from conservative management techniques to the role of surgical operation.” With the role of surgical form in spine surgical procedure and the advancement of minimally invasive techniques in spine surgical treatment, Dr. Arvind Jaiswal believes he can offer a brand new complete practice to his patients globally.

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