Neurosurgery refers back to the surgical treatment of the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord). Neurosurgery is one of the quickest developing clinical specialties, and consequences are constantly enhancing via the advent of latest treatment methods. Today’s primary improvements in neurosurgery encompass the microsurgical techniques, the improvements in imaging technology and the extremely good and accelerated amount of intensive care.

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The resolution of a medical hassle starts with a right diagnosis. With Dr. Rana Patir India, patients can benefit from his cutting edge expertise in the field of neurosurgery. The majority of back and neck problems do not require surgery; however, if this should be the case, you can count on top neuro surgeon Fortis Hospital Delhi the expert in neurosurgery to guide you towards the right treatment. He stands out as expert in minimally invasive neuro surgery.

Dr. Rana Patir India is committed to listening to his patients’ concerns and will inform you of all the treatment options available to you. Whatever your condition is, he makes sure you can benefit from his treatment which is the most suited to your medical condition. Mission of top neuro surgeon Fortis Hospital Delhi is to deliver safe, state-of-the-art, and effective neurological care for his patients in a complete, warm, and caring manner.

His expertise as neurosurgeon allows him to deal with a top notch sort of pathologies of neurological natures. If you have persisting back or neck pains, or even a prior spine or neurological damage, you may count on Dr. Rana Patir India to provide you with a stable medical diagnosis and treatment in India. Multiple factors such as size, location and type of tumor determine the survival rate for a brain tumor.

The survival rate of top neuro surgeon Fortis Hospital Delhi is determined in terms of percentage of people who survive for 5 years after being diagnosed of having a brain tumor. The survival rate is around 16% of those people who are in among the age of 45-64, 65% in the case of children and 55% in those who are in among the age of 15-45.

To get the neuro surgical procedure performed in India, you should be in contact with the top neurosurgery experts in India and if you don’t have expertise regarding the same, we are right here to help we will fix your instant appointment with Dr. Rana Patir India. Spine and Neuro Surgery Hospital India is most renowned medical company offering remarkable assistance to the patient from any part of the country to get the treatment or surgical treatment executed under the professional help without spending a lot.

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