26 July, 2014: The Rove 20 is closest in design to the Sony Vaio Tap 20, so much so that the pair feels like an old Spy Magazine “Separated at Birth” column. Both models take a large 20-inch glass screen and match it with the kind of thick metal-backed body you’d see on a typical all-in-one desktop, then add a heady duty metal fold-out kickstand. The Rove 20 includes a matching wireless keyboard and mouse set. Both are fine but plasticky, and oddly, the designs of the two components don’t seem to mesh perfectly — the mouse is made of glossy black plastic, while the keyboard is matte black plastic. Unlike a lot of other pack-in keyboards, or most laptop keyboards, the keys here are deep and offer a satisfying click under the fingers. The curved mouse is ergonomically friendly and fine for casual surfing and even basic gaming. The big complaint here is the the screen’s native resolution is only 1, 600×900 pixels, and for such a big display, anything less than full 1, 920×1, 080 feels out of place. Its still fine for Netflix and HD video viewing, but you won’t be seeing the full resolution of 1080p content. 

Like most midrange and up HP systems, the Rove 20 includes a Beats Audio technology, along with dual speakers and a subwoofer, making it a great-sounding portable PC that gets plenty loud without distorting, and with decent bass. 

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