The WD VelociRaptor WD1000DHTZ offers great performance and offers 1TB of storage space.The 1TB WD VelociRaptor WD1000DHTZ is the first hard drive I have reviewed in a long time and that’s because it’s among only a few on the market that can be considered an alternative to standard solid-state drives (SSDs). 

Among other things, the VelociRaptor is different from its peers by offering the spinning speed of 10,000 rpm, which translates into the best performance among consumer-grade hard drives. Compared with SSDs, it’s not clearly behind either, in fact outdoing some in certain tests. On top of that it doesn’t suffer from limited P/E (program/erase) cycles, which all SSDs do. 

The new 1TB WD VelociRaptor WD1000DHTZ looks exactly the same as the previous version, the 600GB VelociRaptor. While made for a desktop, the drive combines a 2.5-inch hard drive mounted on a heat-sink that also works as a drive-bay converter, making the whole package take the shape of a standard 3.5-inch hard drive. Even when taken out of its heat-sink, the VelociRaptor can’t be used in a laptop since it’s extra thick at 16mm, compared with the 9.5mm of a traditional 2.5-inch standard hard drive. 

Most of the Western Digital hard disk drive users must be troubled if they had lost the data stored on it accidentally. Sometimes it is necessary to format the partition when we reinstall the operating system or convert partition from FAT to NTFS, if we don’t pay attention, and of course all the data will be lost after the formatting. 

Microsoft’s Office document software, mainly word, excel, powerpoint, outlook, etc. 

MS office must be the most popular office software. 

People use word and excel and ppt to deal with important data and documents. 

If you format usb drive or hard disk drive or memory card or some other storage devices, you may loss your MS word and excel and ppt files. 

If you delete or erasy or remove files, make sure if they are deleted permanently.If you press “shift + del” key to delete files, whether it is a word document, or if it is the excel form, or ppt presentation files, you will loss them. 

If you delete or erasy or remove a folder, do you think all the files in the folder should be deleted? 

Whatever, whenever, however you lost your files, you can try aidfile data recovery to restore MS word, MS Excel, MS ppt files from fommatted hard drive. 

You can undo files format with few steps, you can restore format word files easily, you can unformat hard drive simply. 

By the way, not only MS word or MS Excel files can be recovered, also include zip files or outlook mails or others. 

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