Howard Safe & Lock Co., a leading locksmith Houston service provider, recently started offering installation and repair for high-end surveillance systems. The owners stated that in standalone and burglar alarm systems, the surveillance cameras are capable of monitoring and recording all the activities in and around the home. The company offers now a full range of repair and installation services for all kinds of CCTV cameras and surveillance systems, and the owners maintained that they are now capable of repairing high-end systems too. The car locksmith Houston service provider now aims to step up their game to attain competitive edge.

Safety is a primary requirement and cannot be overlooked in the present circumstances. “Residential units might feel skeptical about getting the high-end cameras installed at their places, but we insist everyone to do so. As per the pocket pinch factor and the extensive range that is currently available, there are fixed, pan, tilt and dome ones; which present an array of selection criteria for all. Also, there are all weather IR, vandal resistant and wireless ones. So, customers can take their pick and be relieved at getting safeguarded. Our experts will soon visit the zone and check for the exact mode of installation,” said a senior member at Howard Safe & Lock co.

The benefits that come along with the 24 hour locksmith Houston company’s security and surveillance systems are aplenty, which include intercom access control, motion detection, integrated indoor and outdoor whole-house surveillance, remote alarm using text or email and consistent monitoring and control via the internet.

A meeting was held a couple of days back with Liran Vidal, the CEO of the company. He said, “We will continue to upgrade our system timely. So, whatever is in vogue at present might dissipate very soon, to give way to the new. Customers must keep checking for the latest systems and get the old ones either replaced or repaired to maintain optimum levels of security and protection. The camera systems at our end are cost-effective too, so anyone can take a pick from the lot that is on offer.”

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Howard Safe & Lock Co. is a reliable name in the Houston region for locksmith requirements.

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