Cancun, Mexico Rehabilitation from drug addiction can be a highly challenging task not only for the individuals suffering from the problem but also for the entire family. The major challenge is finding the right rehab or detox program. One of the detox programs that is highly effective when used correctly is Ibogaine detox. There are lots of controversies around this detox method and most of the controversies were mainly because of the faulty practices that have been shrouding the field. Despite all the controversies and opposing views regarding Ibogaine, hundreds of lives are saved every year through Ibogaine Treatment. As long as Ibogaine treatment method is used as per the Ibogaine standard there is no fear or danger. Things go wrong only when the Ibogaine standard is not followed in the treatment process. is fully dedicated to provide people with the most up to date information on the safe and reliable Ibogaine treatment procedures. This online resource teaches the users to ask the right questions while approaching the Ibogaine treatment facility. teaches people that Ibogaine detox program can be a very effective and holistic alternative to substance abuse treatment only as long as safe Ibogaine treatment practices are followed. Though this detox method is highly effective, it is not allowed within the US and the treatment has to be taken outside the US. There are many Ibogaine treatment providers but not all of them follow the Ibogaine standard. Inexperienced Ibogaine treatment providers tend to tarnish the image of this detox method.


Ibogaine Standard clears the air by setting professional standards for the use of Ibogaine in drug and alcohol detox. As Ibogaine Treatment is not regulated by any official body, anyone can claim to be an Ibogaine practitioner and this leads to many misgivings in this treatment method. To protect people from many unscrupulous service providers in the industry, the Ibogaine Standard helps people to choose the right service providers and helps people make well informed decisions while choosing the Ibogaine service provider. It is best to stay away from underground practitioners that claim to save people money. Such practitioners are notorious for unsafe practices that claim lives.


Ibogaine Standard emphasizes that users before finalizing the Ibogaine treatment procedure should make sure to demand for facts to save lives. Ibogaine is indeed a miracle cure and the stigma that is associated with Ibogaine is because of the numerous unregulated service providers that put people's lives to danger. The real benefits of Ibogaine should not be lost to such dubious practitioners.