"Treating a leaky tricuspid heart valve has long presented a significant task for cardiologists because it's an extremely complex and difficult heart valve to deal with," said Dr Anoop K Ganjoo best cardiologist cardio thoracic surgeon Apollo Hospital Delhi.

"Those facts are extraordinarily encouraging, and I’m enthusiastic about the capability of transcatheter tricuspid valve repair as a minimally invasive treatment choice for those very sick patients who have no other alternative”.  Study data for Abbott's clip-based tricuspid heart valve repair system showed the investigational device reduced tricuspid regurgitation at 30 days. The first-of-its-kind device for tricuspid valve repair builds on Abbott’s MitraClip technology for patients with leaky mitral valves.

Tricuspid regurgitation (TR) is a vital but frequently underappreciated disorder in cardiology practice. Tricuspid regurgitation is a situation where in a situation the valve among the two chambers at the right side of the heart does not close properly, resulting in a backward flow of blood into the right chamber of the heart, that could ultimately bring about heart failure and death if left untreated.

About one in 30 people over the age of sixty five in the U.S. alone have moderate or extreme TR. Surgery is the only definitive treatment however is rarely executed due to the high mortality and morbidity rates associated with the procedure. Results show that at 30 days:

  • 6% of sufferersnoticed a reduction in TR severity of at least one grade.
  • A significantly greater proportion of patients were categorized as NYHA class I or II (80.5% at 30 days, compared to 25.6% at baseline), an improvement that was statistically significant.
  • Patients also experienced a mean improvement in KCCQ score – a self-assessment of social abilities, symptoms, and quality-of-life – from 53.05 at baseline to 67.25 at 30 days, which was an increase of 14.20 points.


Medical follow-up will preserve via six months and one, two and three years. Abbott's transcatheter tricuspid valve restore is an investigational tool only.

"Abbott's revel in in developing minimally invasive technology to assist patients with heart valve disorder keep away from surgical treatment is amazing," stated best surgeon for mitral valve repair Dr Anoop Ganjoo. "These data display that our clip-based totally approach – for the first time ever- might also provide an established treatment for an extremely tough-to-deal with ailment this is related to high mortality. While we've made substantial progress on a number of fronts for challenging structural heart conditions, tricuspid regurgitation impacts far too many patients worldwide, and physicians are limited by a lack of meaningful therapy alternatives to surgery," said best cardiac surgeon India Dr Anoop Ganjoo. "Early results with our TriClip repair system have been encouraging and we're excited to continue driving innovation that we believe will benefit more patients in the future."

Dr Anoop Ganjoo is nationally recognized expertise who helped create the field of valve surgery and work to enhance and develop newer options that avoid open operations. He has the most experience in performing transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) – the first procedure for aortic heart valve problems that does not require open-heart surgery. In fact, he was the first in India to offer TAVR. He possesses deep knowledge and experience with heart valve treatments. Together, he also develops a personalized plan that can provide the best possible outcome for you. As pioneers in heart valve surgery — both traditional and minimally invasive — Best surgeon for mitral valve repair can offer surgical solutions that are not available at most hospitals. He aims to repair malfunctioning heart valves before opting for total valve replacement.

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