Date:20/11/2019, Location- Delhi : Kidney cancer is a collective term that represents all types of renal cell cancers including Sarcoma renal cancer, transitional cell cancer of the kidney or ureter, and Wilma’ tumor. Renal cell adenocarcinoma or nephropathy is the most common type of kidney cancer fund is adults. In this case, the cancerous cells start in the lining of the tubules and eventually spread. Depending on the cell types renal cancer can of three types, such as clear cell, papillary, and Chromophobe cancer. Wilms’ tumor is special type of cancer that affects children and which are quite different from kidney cancer in adults.

India offers exclusive kidney cancer treatment at an affordable price

To control and cure kidney cancer, different treatment procedures are practiced in India, such as surgery, biological therapy, targeted therapy, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy.

Different types of surgeries for kidney cancer are conducted depending on the advancement of cancer, such as :

  • Radical nephrectomy: A procedure to remove the kidney, adrenal gland, and the surrounding tissue and sometimes, nearby lymph nodes.
  • Simple nephrectomy: Here only the kidney is removed.
  • Partial nephrectomy: It removes only cancer-affected areas of the kidney along with some surrounding tissue.

To conduct such surgeries, procedures like laparoscopy, cyberknife surgery, open surgery are used depending on patients' health conditions.

A successful kidney cancer treatment can improve the quality of life, reduce the risk of dying, and provide freedom from a painful life. In the last few years, India has become one of the popular medical tourism destinations for low-cost kidney cancer treatments. Indian nephrologists have international training along with excellent skills and huge hands-on experience to offer successful kidney cancer treatment. Along with that, most of the Indian hospitals are equipped with state-of-the-art instruments and surgical apparatus to provide best in class treatments.  And most importantly, the cost of kidney cancer treatment in India is much lesser than any other western country. It is about 30% - 40% lesser than the USA. Considering these advantages, every year a number of patients come to this country from different parts of the world to have affordable kidney cancer treatments.

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