Tejas a sweet little girl who just turned 5, was diagnosed with a rare heart defect, her parents, were shocked to learn that their child suffering from the transportation of great arteries which is critical but rare congenital heart disease through a single step novel cardiac surgery using transcatheter techniques. This type of surgery has been performed for 1st time in India.

Adults with CHD require coordinated care Dr. Suresh joshi best cardiothoracic surgeon at wockhardt hospital Mumbai specializes in providing this lifelong care – from birth to adulthood. He consolidates specialized resources required for the care of adult congenital cardiac patients, and offers educational opportunities to cardiologists and other physicians. This included approach that means each patients disease is treated individually, with that precise patients need and physical condition in mind.

A peadiatric team led by Dr. Suresh joshi cardiac surgeon at Wockhardt hospital Mumbai, and Dr Manish Chokhandre, intervention peadiatric cardiologist performed a complicated surgery on 9 years old boy from Dhule, Maharashtra, the boy was suffering from congenital heart disorder, at the age of 1 he was diagnosed with congenital heart disease, now the 9 yrs old boy was weighing 15kg. He was a blue baby with complaints of no weight gain and breathlessness. Dr Suresh joshi and his team came across Tejas condition. After a check up, the surgeon revealed that the patient represented with transposition of the great arteries, which occurs while fetal growth when the baby’s heart is developing and the cause of this defect is not known in almost in all cases.

Wockhardt hospital Mumbai is one of the most first centers in India, to have successfully performed the procedure, by upgrading the operation technique at first, stage so that 2nd stage can be completed inside the cath lab without surgical procedure. The advantage it offered, straight away negates the need for second surgical operation and complication associated with it lessen the overall hospital stay.

Dr Suresh Joshi director paediatric & congenital heart centre at Wockhardt Hospital in Mumbai, says  “ we were committed to improving the quality of care for our patients with adult congenital heart disease, both across the nation, our outcomes are significantly better than the national average for congenital heart patients., When we talk about Tejas the first step itself was to add a tube which carry blood from lower body to pulmonary artery, but the connection was closed with use of membrane. To deoxygenated blood to heart a connection was made connection is made via tube to avoid sudden flooding of lungs and providing sudden flooding of lungs and providing a platform to finish the second stage in cath lab without the need for surgery.”

Due to financial constraints, the family could not afford Tejas treatment in early childhood itself. The ones with such complex defect generally require surgery in second stages- the first stage is known as Glenn shunt and the second one Fontan completion. An intracardiac repair could not be performed because of complex internal composition of his body. That why the only alternative was Glen shunt which is 2nd if three complex surgeries performed to rectify condition hypoplastic left heart syndrome and other single ventricle heart defect, followed by Fontan surgery which is third stage of repair. Such patients can get n touch with Dr. Suresh Joshi best cardiothoracic surgeon at wockhardt hospital Mumbai at email address: [email protected]

Later, after six months February 2019, the completion if the fontan was performed in cath lab by Dr Manish Chokhandre, interventional pediatric cardiologist, who is a peadiatric cardiologist at Wockhardt hospital , Mumbai central Says, “There are not any such cases in history from India, and very few facilities overseas are performing  this sort of surgical treatment. As there are many benefits of this procedure, the procedure is cost effective too. Tejas, s grandfather happiness has no bound, he says, “My grandson got a new lease of life. I am very thankful to the doctors at the team of Wockhardt hospital Mumbai. With the help of new treatment our stay became less and it became very affordable too.”