Inflatable Party Rentals are great for any type of party, fundraiser, get-together or event. One of the best ways to keep the kids at your party happy and laughing is to add some interesting, fun and challenging activities specifically for them. Themed, colorful inflatable rentals fit the bill perfectly.

Party Time Events in Charlotte NC provides the best inflatable rentals in Charlotte NC. If you are looking for some fun, safe and affordable inflatable rentals for kids in charlotte nc party, here are three combos by Party Time Events in Charlotte NC which offer much more than simple inflatable rentals.

Primary Color 4-in-1 Combo inflatable rental

If you want to go for a neutral theme at your party, the Primary Color inflatable rental is perfect. Featuring bright and bold colors and a large jumping area, the inflatable rental will catch the attention of all the kids at the party right away. The combo inflatable rental also features a basketball loop, a slide, and a climb to offer more entertainment to the kids than a simple inflatable rental.

Disney Princess 4-in-1 Combo inflatable rental

If you are having a girls-themed party with a lot of little princesses in attendance, this themed inflatable rental combo is just what you need. Featuring a large front display adorned with pictures of popular Disney Princesses, the bold and bright-colored structure of this inflatable rental will be good enough to make all the little girls jump with glee. The inflatable rental not only offers a huge bouncing area, but also provides a slide, climb and basketball loop for more fun.

Spider Man 3 4-in-1 Combo inflatable rental

If it is not the girls, but little young men who are going to be in attendance, you can’t do with a princess-themed inflatable rental. What you actually need is a inflatable rental featuring a large display of the favorite character of every boy out there: Spider Man. The Spider Man Combo inflatable rental comes with a large picture display of the superhero, a spacious bouncing area, a basketball loop, a slide and a climb.

Add these inflatable rental combos to your party if you want it to be a smashing hit! Charlotte’s best Inflatable Rentals, Party Time Events can be reached at