Innovation is fully displayed on Airwheel S9 two wheel balancing robot

11, April 2016: Seen from the Airwheel latest products, innovation is fully displayed on Airwheel C series and S9 wheeled mobile robot, which inspired a depth-in thought. Airwheel is always a hard-core advocate of innovation, product safety and a company with great social responsibility. This is why Airwheel aspires to be the leader of this market and will lead the market to the right track.


Setting foot in the field of artificial intelligence, Airwheel is shifting its emphasis to AI. The S9 two wheeled self-balancing robot shows many AI technologies. The intelligent technology enables Airwheel S9 stay away from obstacles before it. And it releases human-computer interaction. Airwheel did not build a stereotyped robot; instead, it developed a scalable mobile robot base. To consumers, such design provides them accessibility to a beautiful smart life delivered by S9 without deep knowledge into smart robots. Airwheel S9 two wheel balancing robot is also a smart travel device with class and it can also serve as a mobile domestic surveillance device. In the future, when scalable devices are more mature, S9 intelligent wheeled mobile robot will evolve with those devices into a robot providing personal companionship, household services, and smart cares.


As smart helmets, Airwheel C3 and C5 are necessary protective gears for riding. Besides the initial function of protection of heads, Airwheel C3 and C5 custom intelligent helmets install intelligent accompanying camera, which enables riders to take pictures or video, keeping records of riding scenery.

Other functions, such as communication, camera shooting and data recording and so on make Airwheel C series more attractive. The breathing light will give warning of the rear vehicles and pedestrian in darker environment or night riding. For ease of looking photos or videos anytime, 2.4 inch screen is mounted on C5 cool street bike helmets. We can see innovation of Airwheel from its new auxiliary devices and the artificial intelligence robot.

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