Dr. Rajan Shah Best Neurosurgeon in Mumbaibrings new innovations in neurosurgery to India. He now offers a complete and integrated surgical solution to patients with brain abnormalities

Dr. Rajan Shah best neurosurgeon in Mumbai is utilizing technology from Synaptive Medical and NICO Corporation to offer the latest advancements in neurosurgery. He is the first in India to lead the effort in minimally invasive advanced visualization and interventional access to brain abnormalities in India.

In India, 50 percent of the 450,000 patients diagnosed with brain abnormalities have constrained surgical options. The mixture of Synaptive Medical’s BrightMatterTMPlan and NICOBrainPath® offers a complete and integrated surgical solution to patients. The method is designed to limit trauma and post-operative deficits and accelerate the recovery technique. Dr. Rajan Shah best neurosurgeon in Mumbai is the first only medical professional in India to currently use the entire complement of Synaptive and NICO neurosurgical products.

“These new tools open the door to a minimally invasive surgical operation for patients who suffer from deep-seated brain tumors or certain sorts of stroke,” said Dr. Rajan Shah best neurosurgeon in Mumbai. “Formerly deemed inoperable, patients and their families now have newfound hope, specifical people with different clinical situations to recall.”

The BrightMatterTM plan gives extraordinary visualization of 3-D tractography within the brain, permitting the neurosurgeon to establish a minimally disruptive surgical direction to the abnormality. Brainpath® allows intra-operative atraumatic get access to the abnormality along the pre-planned surgical path and minimizes the ability effect to vital structures by using displacing tissues of the brain during advancement to the abnormality. This all takes place through an opening smaller than a dime.

“The addition of this technology to our program is a unique opportunity for physicians to pursue new surgical options in treating a selection of neurological diseases,” said Dr. Rajan Shah best neurosurgeon in Mumbai. “The advent of BrightMatterTM plan and BrainPath® to India affords our patients access to some of the most recent and most revolutionary technology.”

“The brain is truly the final frontier in making use of a true minimally invasive technique to surgical operation due to the complexity of the anatomy, terrible visualization tools, and confined access to,” stated Dr. Rajan Shah best neurosurgeon in Mumbai. “With our combined technology, we've got now solved this problem and we will deal with a very large unmet patient needs, ultimately setting a new standard of care in neurosurgery.”

Using these technologies, surgeons are capable to plan and execute their surgical intervention whilst acutely observing vital structures. This image-informed intervention brings an exceptional sophistication to the sector of neurosurgery, in which tissue is respected all through the route of a disorder.

“We are excited to have our technology in India in order to be the various leaders in healthcare that may affect changing the standard of care in neurosurgery,” stated Dr. Rajan Shah best neurosurgeon in Mumbai. “A device that allows for safe access of elimination of a brain abnormality is unprecedented and long overdue.”

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