May 16, 2012 – Greenling, a web based grocery store that focuses on delivering quality certified organic local foods has announced that it will be opening new stores in Texas and Louisiana. The service has already gained a lot of recognition from those that feel this is the future of grocery stores because not only does it provide this type of high quality Houston organic produce to residents of the largest city in Texas, it is also able to have those groceries delivered at no charge to the customer. This alone sets Greenling apart from many other grocers that only offer either standard types of produce, organic goods shipped in from far off locales or who do not deliver. Many experts believe that the online grocery category is set to see an explosion of growth in the coming years as more and more consumers get used to the idea of purchasing their groceries right over the web.

From its inception, Greenling has focused on giving its customers the very best in local organic produce. Not only does this include fresh fruits and vegetables, it also means that Greenling carries dairy products, dry goods, grass fed meats and many other highly desirable food items not always found in local grocery stores. By delivering the finest in high quality Houston organic produce, the online grocery store can help its customers while still fulfilling its mission of helping to create a more sustainable model for food production and simultaneously reducing the negative impact that traditional large scale commercial agriculture has had on the environment to date. Both of these goals sit well with many shoppers in both New Orleans and Houston where concerns are rising over the safety of foods and the impact humans are having on the planet.

For people that want to go with a greener, cleaner and more streamlined solution, shopping for groceries online with Greenling makes sense. This is precisely the kind of business model that experts say is bound to revolutionize the grocery store market and make life better for consumers at the same time. As it expands, many expect the grocer to become one of the largest in the United States.

To learn more about Greenling and the many products it offers, visitors should head to right now. Here they can discover what all the store sells and how to order in their area.

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