Instagram has turned out to be a lot more complicated and depressing compared to facebook. News from the human computer institute suggests that passive use of facebook could lead to an outburst of feelings and emotions. Two German universities also made some news by stating that immense following on facebook could lead to envy and resentment in most of the user’s. But facebook also has some positive effects and is said to increase your self esteem. However facebook is far better and involves fewer damages compared to instagram. Instagram is holding this position for quite some time now. 

If you wish to buy fans or followers for instagram, is a good place to do so. Instagram basically consists of images and may affect your vision quite a bit. Hanna Krasnova recently said that images could very well develop feelings of inferiority within oneself. Envies are also quite frequent on instagram. Instagram also allows you to battle with yourself and also with friends based on how good a photo you upload. A recent study also suggests that it is pretty time consuming and messes around with people’s senses. Editing and then selecting a perfect image out of others can prove to be time consuming. The image based concept of instagram really causes a lot of distortion for the people. 

Reports suggest that it is even possible to violate the gray line of stalkerism on instagram by viewing some random photos of unknown persons. Hence due to all these reasons the photo sharing network called instagram is proving out to be quite depressing for a lot of people today.