Institute of Neurosciences Jaslok Hospital is the primary healthcare company in the country to introduce the most superior automatic augmented-reality navigation technology for sine surgery. Spine surgeons geared up with “x-ray vision” have the functionality to see through the tissue surrounding a patient’s spine to offer more particular and faster surgeries. The system is now available Institute of Neurosciences Jaslok Hospital will lead spine surgeons using the new system. On July 25th, a spine surgeon performed the first surgery using this technology at the Institute of Neurosciences Jaslok Hospital.

Augmented reality (AR) refers to virtual statistics this is superimposed on a person’s view of the physical environment akin to a car producer that offers an AR app utilizing 3-D imagery to assist potential customers examine more approximately a vehicle’s layout, capabilities, electricity use, and different information.

The AR technology lets in Institute of Neurosciences Jaslok Hospital surgeons visualize the anatomy of a patient’s spine in 3-D during surgical treatment and track development in real-time thru a transparent display headset equipped with AR eyeglasses. The headset permits surgeons to decide the placement of surgical tools in real-time with the aid of superimposing the patient’s CT scan or x-ray image over the surgical site to guide the physician during the surgery. The headset initiatives 3D navigation data onto the health care provider’s retina, allowing them to observe the patient and overview the statistics concurrently without having to shift their focus back and forth to a remote display.

“The spine system’s augmented reality platform enables ultraprecise alignment and positioning of spinal implants through better visualization talents,” explains top spine surgeon in India. “The spinal implants can be placed with a good deal much less invasive surgical treatment, as we ought not to retract or circulate muscle mass and tissue to see a patient’s full spine.”

Spine surgeon at Institute of Neurosciences Jaslok Hospital notes that smaller incisions mean faster recuperation instances and improved results for patients. He also says the system offers surgeons the potential to course accurately or alters their technique if wished during procedures.

Patient Experiences Immediate Relief. Paul had been experiencing numbness in his left leg and foot at the side of sciatic pain for 2 years. While the pain has beaten the day-by-day activities of the energetic seventy-two years old affected person, he eventually decided to seek treatment.

“I own a farm, between lifting 50-pound bales of hay, splitting, and stacking wooden, riding horses, and playing tennis over time, I eventually just overdid it with my back,” he says.

Institute of Neurosciences Jaslok Hospital is presently the only hospital in the country area presenting an AR-based total system for spine surgery. “We expect that as more people in India become aware of Institute of Neurosciences Jaslok Hospital and our spine system technology, we’ll end up their first preference for spine care,” spine surgeon concluded.

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