International event planners popularly opted to host special events like weddings.

The present day economic trends have indicated very clearly that the country’s financial resource is mostly spent on hosting social events. Experts have revealed that even the average couples are willing to spend more than their income when it comes to special occasions like weddings.


Hosting social events have become a major trend in the country, and people no longer plan and manage their own events. It has become customary to hire event planners to manage and host social events either by private individuals or by companies and social groups. Events By Khadejah is currently rated as one of the most sought after wedding planners in the international social scene. Although based in Long Island and New York, the company has worked its way up to the international scene with its refined and well planned event planning services. Currently, it is one of the best rated wedding planners. Clients from overseas countries can actually make appointments and book their services through a single mail. The company also readily shares its contact details for clients to make personal contacts and also for potential clients to make any necessary queries. The company is popularly known in the industry for the expertise with which it crafts life events to utter perfection. Taking care of even the minutest details, all events planned and managed by the company makes sure to bring out the best of all the resources that are used. With personalized services, the company professionals have the motto of seeing at their customers’ request through the lens of compassion. Some of the common events hosted by the company on a daily basis are baby showers, weddings, special office events, club events, and weddings. Being an international company, culture awareness has been the top priority, with all of its services being sensitive to the cultural context of the clients.

eventsbykj is a leading international wedding and event planner that is based in Long Island, New York City. The company readily travels to different parts of the world to offers its top level services.


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