16, June 2016: In the year of 2000, the electric self-balancing scooter might be a strange name to most people. Since it made its debut in the Beijing Olympic Game, it increasingly came to the knowledge of the majority of people. In the last ten years, especially the recent years, the sector of the intelligent self-balancing scooter is on a rise. Many scooter-makers have sprung up overnight. Amongst these start-ups, Airwheel is the pick of the bundle.

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Airwheel formally entered this field in the year of 2013. Since its establishment, it has released a raft of electric self-balancing scooters for the customers. For now, it has become the worldwide famous company. Of these products, Airwheel X-series and S-series are worth having a look.


In the current market, the competition is rather heat. There are many scooter-makers sharing the whole market. Some, like Airwheel, are powerful and leading the whole sector. Airwheel, for example, develops various types of electric self-balancing scooters such as the twin-wheeled intelligent scooter Q-series and the two-wheeled self-balancing scooter S-series. By means of these excellent electric self-balancing scooters, Airwheel successfully found its feet in the sector.


Up to now, when it comes the publicity of Airwheel, almost the people all over world know its name. After all, Airwheel exported over one hundred thousands of electric scooters to the oversea market. In over thirty countries, it is ubiquitous to see Airwheel electric self-balancing scooters. The international image is beefed up and it even has been stereotyped as the byword of fashion and high quality.


To look ahead on the future of Airwheel, it will have a bright prospective. Last months, Airwheel unveiled its first wearable equipment in the CeBIT 2016. It heralds that Airwheel set foot in the field of other than electric self-balancing scooter. It can be seen as the sign that Airwheel in the near future will release more and more scooter-related devices to the customers.

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