11-03-2020, Delhi: Obesity has become a massive health issue throughout the world. It can lead to a variety of health hazards related to excess weight ranging from mild overweight to unhealthily obese. Generally, super obese patients are not responding to any of the common means of weight loss. Common measures of weight loss like controlled diets, behavior modification, medication, and exercise programs offer temporarily successful; the patients generally regain even more weight than the amount lost as they stop the control measures.

Some of the commonly found health issues with obese people are Type II Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Heart Disease, Osteoarthritis, Sleep Apnea, Respiratory Problems, Depression, Infertility, Menstrual Irregularities, Skin Breakdown, Swollen Legs, Skin Ulcers, Extremity Venous Stasis, Dyslipidemia, Urinary Stress Incontinence, and so on.

For those patients, obesity surgeries are the most suitable option to get rid of excess body weight and back to life with a comparatively light bodyweight.

Obesity surgeries can of various kinds which can be categorized into three broad groups depending on the type of modification made with the digestive system of the patient, such as:

  1. Restrictive surgeries: Here the volume of the stomach is reduced through surgical procedures to limit the food intake capacity of the patient. Reduction in food intake means a restricted calorie intake that induces weight reduction.
  2. Malabsorptive: Here the surgeons manipulate small intestine to restrict the amount of food and nutrient absorption.
  3. Combination of restrictive and malabsorptive procedures: These are advanced surgical procedures that are performed to reduce obesity without malnutrition.

Every cutting edge obesity treatment and surgeries are provided by the Top Obesity Surgeons in New Delhi, India to patients throughout the world. Obesity Surgeries need experts with experience; the main idea behind this obesity surgeries is to reduce one’s weight and enhance fitness, self-esteem without any post-operative complications under the supervision of the skilled obesity surgeons. Top 10 Obesity Surgeons in New Delhi are Dr. Randeep Wadhawan, Dr. Ajay Kumar Kriplani, Dr. Sukhvinder Singh Saggu, Dr. Paritosh Gupta, Dr. Dharmender Sharma, Dr. Atul Peters, Dr. Adarsh Chaudhary, Dr. Saket Goel, Dr. Rashmi Pyasi, and Dr. Nikhil Agrawal.

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