The United States of America, 10, October 2014: There are 2 visible broad categories of people — those who live a practical life by using the inventions and the discoveries made by humans, and those who discover and invent to make life of others’ practically liveable. Typically, and ironically, people of the former kind make fun of those of the latter kind. Terms such as geek and nerd have been coined to refer to that elite class, each member of which has made significant contribution towards what became the foundation for improvement of the lifestyle of the masses in general. Iwbag is a website that honours such people by sharing the information obtained directly or indirectly from them with the rest of the world.

Iwbag is an acronym for 'I wanna be a geek’, which clear states the motive of the website and what mind of information can be found at it. Iwbag can be one of the favourite websites of anyone who searches for geek news more frequently than not. It provides information on everything that goes tangentially overhead the regular people but interests those who are inquisitive about their favourite subjects. The website covers geeky things about science, technology, space, computers, games, books, music, sports, television, etc. In other words, the team of iwbag feed the website with everything that informs about the intricacy and technicality of anything.

Iwbag is run by a small team of people who are enthused by what nerds and geeks discover and invent. From video game reviews to videos of people getting put-off by geeks, iwbag is the website that provides information as much as it can entertain. It sources of information are authentic and genuine. However, the news is not posted as provided by the source. For instance, cool gadgets are reviewed by the team in a way that everything that worthy to be known is described but the article does not leave the reader with a word or phrase that does not have a common meaning.

The team of professionals at iwbag strives tirelessly to source interesting geek news. Apart from the websites, a few members of the team stay awake for the nights so that the nocturnal customers have access to interesting content as their and when they want. There no sales involved whatsoever; only pure information is provided through the website. From funny videos, interesting texts to nerdy discussion on space and quantum physics, people of diverse flavours can find their favourite topic at iwbag.

About iwbag:


Iwbag is a website that provides information about everything that seems nerdy and geeky to regular people. It is run by a few enthusiastic youngsters who intend to feed geeks and nerds with the news that interests them. iwbag is the acronym of 'I wanna be a geek’.