Jake And Dannie Setting New Parenting Goals To Become Pro Travelers

Florida, USA - Jake and Dannie are two professional photographers who made a good career out of the wedding and commercial photography. However, as having a baby tends to bring in a lot of change, they both started feeling the need to spend more time with their child.

In 2017 they decided the time was right to make a change. They sold their home, packed all their belongings into 3 suitcases and set off for a yearlong trip in Europe.

They share their experiences with the world through their blog, https://www.jakeanddannie.com/blog/, which is dedicated to the stories behind their photography. They guide their readers through the places they visit, giving tips on great photographic locations, photography and travel tips, and personal notes about raising a little girl on the road.

They also use their Instagram account www.Instagram.com/jakeanddannie to share the beautiful mother-daughter photo album they are creating during their journey. Along with daily stories, the pair also continuously share advice for parents who might want to go on an adventure of their own.

The pair were quoted as saying, “We are thrilled to be living the kind of life we have always wanted. Challenges abound, and safety, financial security and our daughter’s happiness are the goals we keep at the front of our minds. However, we are happy with the growing success of our blog, and the love our readers have been giving us. If all goes well, we’ll be spending our second year abroad exploring the beauty of Asia.”

Travel is an exciting hobby with rewards that last a lifetime. There is so much in the world to see, explore and enjoy. With their little baby always with them, Jake and Dannie couldn’t have asked for a better life and in the process inspiring a millions of other parents to do something special for their family.

Those who want to check out some of their posts can visit www.jakeanddannie.com or for some cool pictures they can visit their Instagram page at www.instagram.com/jakeanddannie

About Jake and Dannie

Jake and Dannie are two professional photographers who are out to create and capture great memories. After having a child, they decided to shift gears; they sold the house and now practice their craft while traveling all over the world with their little baby.

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