Jay Shree Tea Offering Premium Assam Mangalam First-Flush Tea at Astounding Price

Like Darjeeling tea, Assam blends are also getting popular these days. People from far and wide are looking for reliable companies to purchase Assam tea in bulk.

Buying tea from a wholesale producer is always an intelligent decision. No matter what variety a tea lover wants, a wholesale company can give real value for money. Jay Shree Tea is one such renowned wholesale supplier in Indian tea market.

The company takes pride in declaring that it has 27 tea estates across India and is known as the second largest tea producer in the country. Not only does it provide blends to retailers, the company also exports its product across the globe to more than 40 countries.

Shopping Tea from Jay Shree Tea

The company has categorized its Assam tea blends under different heads for the convenience of its customers. Variety and packaging of the blends are just awesome. Each of the blends is available at a pocket-friendly price

The different categories are —

-    Darjeeling
-    Assam
-    Green
-    Black
-    Specialty
-    Gift box
-    Regular
-    Packet tea
-    Taster box
-    Subscription
-    Conventional
-    Organic

Assam Mangalam Tea from This Wholesale Supplier

Mangalam is one of the reputed tea gardens in Assam that Jay Shree Tea owns. This garden produces premium quality beverage. Mangalam estate has certain distinctive features unique to itself. Recently, Mangalam Tea Estate has achieved the award for getting the highest price at a tea auction.

Assam Mangalam blend is one richly flavored black tea Jay Shree Tea markets to its customers. First flush Mangalam brew is bright colored liquor with a nice sweet smell. This is a healthy beverage in the sense it boosts stamina, improves the circulatory system, makes the immunity system better and most importantly; a cup of Assam Mangalam revitalizes an individual and relieves him from tension.

This blend has certification from Rainforest Alliance and is available at a reasonable price. However, to know the exact figure of the price tag, one has to visit their website. Browse through their website and get to know about the availability of the product. Customers living in India will get free shipping of Assam Mangalam blend within 3 to 4 business days.

About Jay Shree Tea
It is one of the top rated companies that focus on quality of its product range. Its endeavor is to provide its customers, across the world, the finest quality beverage. The managers and experts make sure that the aroma, freshness and composition of each variety of tea is preserved to the cup of the drinker.

There are many more things to know about this company. Visit the website of Jay Shree Tea and know more about its Assam Tea range.
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