Jobisite is becoming one stop shop for small business owners

With it growing users’ base and very easy to use features, is becoming very popular among small business owners. It is little hard for business owners to promote themselves, network with people, find partners or client in many big websites, and also sometimes, there are paid memberships which are required to network with other professionals. Jobisite is mainly focused to provide no restriction networking and promotional ways for business owners. 

Some of the nice features that business owners/professionals can use: 

1) Networking without any restriction: You can network with anyone. You can send network request to anyone. There is no paid membership and no biasing. Jobisite wants you to interact with new professionals and grow your own network. Why restrict users to network with professionals whom they already know. Easy methods of connecting and communicating. Jobisite encourages users to find what they are looking for i.e partners, clients, sales. 

2) Many ways to Promote: There are many ways for business owners to promote themselves, again it’s all free. All businesses/professionals can submit sales article, article about business, niche articles , notes or educational articles. Apart from being these articles shared with connections, Jobisite takes one step ahead and promote these articles in many other websites, so that there is a high number of audience for article. Jobisite promotes these articles for businesses/professionals

Another way is to create or join groups; groups can also help in growing network and sharing your content to many users easily. 

3) Affordable mirco gigs: There are lot of things which requires lot of time, data entry or manual stuff, like writing a article, creating a micro site, template, banner, image fixing. If you ask any professional, they may charge you a big number, however, businesses can find these kind of affordable micro services which are in just few dollars. These services providers become expert in providing same services to multiple clients and it also becomes affordable for them too. 

4) Recruitment: Every small business needs to hire and it is expensive to post job in big job portals. 

Jobisite helps here to provide total free services and users can post job for free. Jobisite again promotes these jobs for you in many social sites and few networked job sites. For job seeking professional, Jobisite has created a simple interface from where jobseekers can see jobs from other job portals and tweets and they can apply directly to them even without registering in multiple websites. 

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