Woodbury, Minnesota — Being charged with a serious crime can be a threat to professional reputation and social position of individuals. It can also affect a person emotionally as people look up to such person as criminals as soon as they are charged. This is when the expert service of a reputed Minneapolis criminal lawyer is needed. The attorney can offer free counseling to these individuals and give the required assistance and advice before they plan and prepare for the case. The lawyer also takes utmost care to protect the rights and reputation of their client. A Minneapolis lawyer will also ensure that the client is well-informed and updated about the proceedings of the case.


John Conard Law Office is managed by John C. Conard, a former felony trial prosecutor who knows every aspect of Minneapolis criminal defense and helps the firm’s clients to get justice. Having handled more than 2000 criminal cases, the law office can be the perfect choice for those looking for an expert criminal lawyer. A meeting is scheduled after the client brings all the necessary documents to the office. The meeting can be held at a location where the client can be extremely comfortable to discuss all the issues and expectations from the case.


Every case has its own complexities, challenges and consequences, and a Minneapolis criminal attorneymust deal with these aspects in the most efficient manner. The case also requires careful examination of all the physical and forensic evidences that can help in solving the case. All the additional facts that can be critical to the case must also be taken into consideration. The lawyer makes sure that all the evidences with the Government are properly disclosed in order to file the appropriate motions. John Conard will see to it that the case gets dismissed if the government has violated any of the client’s rights.


As a Minneapolis criminal lawyer, John C. Conard has a vast experience working with investigators and the clients can be assured that their cases are fully prepared for trial. The lawyer that clients choose makes a big difference in the outcome of a criminal case. John Conard can also be the best lawyer for pilots as he is a member of AOPA and EAA and understands the implications that even the minor charges can have on their licenses and careers. To know more about John Conard Law Office and their policies and procedures, visit http://www.jurytrialmn.com/