Jon Gruden Football offers its platform to help people frame strategies

USA, 01, April 2016: American soccer is a popular sport around the world and in order to keep pace with its growing popularity many apps are being introduced in the Google Playstore. Jon Gruden Football is one such app where users have the opportunity to play virtual football games based on their respective devised strategies. Here players have the scope of earning valuable Gruden gold for winning matches. They can use these golds for further upgradation of their teams that include building a steel curtain defense or an offensive juggernaut. This app allows users to choose from ten ready-made teams depending on their playing styles.

The soccer app helps users to refer to the playbook of Super Bowl winning coach Jon Gruden for strategy formulation. It features sophisticated turn by turn game simulation that seeks to test the playing strategy of the participant against a variety of challenging teams. Game enthusiasts can save and draw the play in their respective personal playbook. They can control the failure and success of the teams through on the basis of how they draw and use the right plays in appropriate situations. It helps in connecting as well as challenging other players via turn based online multiplayer. Like real life tournament, participants can use different tactical skills like block and pass along with changing the position of players in different zones like offensive line, quarter back, xs and os etc.

It can be easily downloaded in devices like iPad, iPhone and iPod touch having the operating system of iOS 7.0. This application is also useful for managers to frame strategies before the commencement of actual football matches. Here they have the chance of assessing the usefulness of their gaming strategies through obtaining advanced results via game simulation. This gaming app is very useful for budding coaches as it helps them to view their custom play creations simulate in real game matchups against challenging AI aiming to smash their coaching dreams.

Players have the opportunity to play this game either solo or in group to test their skills in playing football along with chalking out effective planning. It gives them a basic concept of how to play any tournament depending on the playing environment. A new version of this app is also on its way. This version is packed with varieties of enhancements and bug fixes options. In the playbook players can also view the statistical summary of every game played that includes total yards, total wins, total losses, average running yards per game and so on.

About Jon Gruden Football

Jon Gruden Football is a strategy making gaming app devised by Apple. It helps in strategy making along with testing the playing skills. For details, users can log on to the website.