Many weightlifters find themselves in a situation where their gains are not as good as they once were due to dull routines, monotonous workouts or improper lifting methods. Covered is this review are the pros and cons of the MI40 training system and how some bodybuilders may benefit from the training system depending on their situation. 

The review just posted covers Ben Pakulski’s 5 reasons most people never grow and the five scientific solutions to overcome those plateaus for max gains. 

1. Most weight lifters think that the only way to build mass is by lifting heavy weight. 

2. Many that don’t see the gains they expect blame it on poor genetics when it is most likely caused by poor technique. 

3. Those that are working out reach mental failure before muscle failure. 

4. Failure to stimulate maximal testosterone response causing minimal muscle growth. 

5. Some see gains in fat instead of muscle mass due to poor diet. 

Also covered in the review is the explanation of NOS â„¢ when it comes to the MI40 training. The training uses Neurological Overload Sets to ensure muscle failure before the lifter reaches mental failure. 

The review explains in detail what “Mass Intentions” are as they relate to the MI40 training system and how this technique teaches the bodybuilder to consciously contract the muscle that they are working out. 

Ben Pakulski claims that the MI40 Training System will give those that use it the result of “Twice the Size in Half the Time.” The review addresses that claim as well. 

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JC McClain has authored two books available at Amazon. McClain has also appeared on the nationally syndicated radio financial fitness show sharing his expertise. McClain regularly guest posts on various sites on a variety of topics. 

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