Bridgewater, NY: Kevin Casanova is the Founder of Network Brokerage in Bridgewater, New York who has recently released his latest book entitled, “How To Quickly Succeed At Home Based Business” on Having successfully worked from home for over twenty-seven years the top income earner promises to help readers succeed online. He does this by first tackling the three main reasons why people meet with problems in new ventures. “Most people don’t make money quick enough to stay in business. Also, they cannot or do not want to sell. The third reason people have a rough go is they don’t know how to generate enough new hot prospects.” said Casanova. 

According to Casanova, a successful home-based business includes three things as well. Number one is sales pros who do the selling. Number two is efforts to make “huge money up front’ to stay afloat with smaller sales thereafter. And the third key is the purchase of voice broadcasting software to reach new prospects daily on a broader scale. 

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